Please see the below Judgment. It is from an Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT) Rule 3 (10) Hearing. This type of Hearing can occur, on application by the appellant, in the event of a Notice of Appeal being lodged at the EAT being rejected by a Judge on an initial paper sift.

Our Appeal regarding whistle-blowing protection for 54,000 doctors was initially rejected by the EAT. The Judgment below is from the EAT Rule 3 (10) hearing that occurred on August 26 2015.  This initial EAT hearing succeeded in convincing a Judge to allow the appeal to progress to a full hearing. The full hearing  has been listed for 10 February 2016. 

The generous lawyers acting for us have worked largely without payment over the last 14 months. I have met the court and other administration costs.

There is obviously a limit to what an adhoc locum junior doctor can pay for this kind of work. Tim Johnson/Law and Barrister Chris Milsom have not let this stand in the way of the case progressing.

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