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As a family with two young children, this situation has been a lot to take on. We take the view that what we have done is worthwhile, and if successful will benefit other doctors and patients; but it has come at a huge cost to us as a family. Raising concerns in the NHS and whistle-blowing litigation is not for the faint hearted.

Many have helped us for minimal payment or no fee at all, in particular Tim Johnson/Law, Barrister Chris Milsom, Public Concern at Work, Patients First and Crowd Justice. However, as the litigation progresses the current arrangements will become unsustainable.

We are seeking £5000 to help fund the appeal. As a second target, £50,000 will fund an 8-day whistle-blowing detriment Employment Tribunal involving the Trust. If our appeal is successful and Health Education England/the Deanery are re-instated into the claim, the Hearing could be extended to 12 days.

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Chris and Melissa Day

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