Please see below our application to the EAT for leave to appeal and Mr Justice Langstaff's response.

The EAT’s response dismisses our arguments for granting leave to appeal without dealing with them individually. It proceeds to refuse leave for the Court of Appeal whilst acknowledging the following:

“I accept that there are many doctors whose placements in training are organised by HEE, and that they might have an interest in knowing whether if they were to make an allegation about their NHS employer to HEE they could subsequently claim compensation for any detriment that HEE caused in response;”

It is clear from the EAT response that both the Trust and HEE have been actively opposing the issue of junior doctor whistle-blowing protection being fully scrutinised in a higher court.

In addition to the below, we have published the skeleton argument put before Mr Justice Langstaff at the EAT on February 10 2016.

Please consider supporting our Crowd Justice campaign as we need to reach our £75k target to give this litigation the best chance of succeeding. The BMA is still failing to support or comment on this important case that affects 54,000 doctors and their patients.

54kd Team